Biggest Casino Winners in History

Biggest Casino Winners in History

The reason that almost everyone in Canada chooses to play online casino games is to grab a big win. When a big win comes your way the excitement is unrivalled, but for most people even the biggest wins you have ever had won’t be able to compete with the biggest wins of all time. We’ve collected some of the biggest ever online casino wins of all time. All of these wins took place on progressive slot titles, but with some progressive titles coming their way to more table games in the future there could be some instances of Poker and Blackjack wins making their way onto this list in years to come.

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Biggest Ever Win on a Mobile Casino Game

Until 2017 the biggest ever win on a mobile device was around $8.8 million. However, this all changed in April of 2017. A player based on the Isle of Man playing Mega Moolah on their mobile device managed to grab a win of $9 million. The player was playing at Tipico and was playing with a $7 stake. This is slightly higher than a lot of stakes that have given out winners, but for the amount that was won it was well worth the extra stake to grab hold of it.

An executive from Microgaming said that what shocked him the most was the amount that the jackpot had risen by in just a month. Between the end of March and the end of April the jackpot had almost doubled in size. This was most likely due to the number of people playing the game in order to try and win the progressive jackpot.

Just like the previous winner the identity of the person who grabbed the big prize is kept anonymous. Just the location, casino they were playing at and amount that was won have been released to the public.

Mega Moolah Offering Regular Huge Wins

Mega Moolah is one of the most known titles when it comes to paying out huge wins. It has held the world record for biggest ever payout on a number of different occasions, it’s the current record holder, but there is always a chance that another game could overtake it at some point. Of course, Mega Moolah regularly increases the size of its payout, so it could even break its own record in the future.

One of the most recent payouts that the game made was a $9.5 million payout back in 2015. This was awarded to a Swedish player. The massive payout from the Microgaming title held the world record for a while before it was taken away.

However, Mega Moolah managed to top the charts again with a huge $24 million win, also in 2015. The win went to a player in the UK, who grabbed it from a 25c stake when playing at Betway. This is an incredible payout that leaves Mega Moolah as one of the top paying progressive jackpot slots on the market.

Mega Fortune Pays out Big Prizes

Mega Fortune from NetEnt is another game that has given players all over the world some seriously impressive prizes. Along with Mega Moolah it has chopped and changed the position of record holder for biggest ever payout on a number of occasions. Also, just like Mega Moolah, there’s a good chance that it will hold the record again due to the constant increase of the payouts.

One of the biggest payouts the game made came in 2011. This was awarded to a player in Norway. He couldn’t sleep at night and decided to waste some time by playing Mega Fortune. Little did he know that his life was about to be changed forever. He won over $14 million and then was definitely unable to sleep afterwards.

Another huge win from Mega Fortune almost took the world record. In 2013 a man from Finland won almost $24 million. While this came up just short of the record payout from Mega Moolah, it was still enough to change this man’s life forever. As already mentioned, it’s likely that it won’t be long before Mega Fortune pays out another huge amount and takes the record once again.

Progressive Payouts

The reason behind progressive payouts being so big is that a portion of every bet by every player who spins the reels goes towards the payout. So, if a million players worldwide are all playing the game, a small part of every spin from every play will add onto the jackpot. As you can imagine this means that the payouts can grow to a large amount very quickly. This is what makes the games so appealing. On top of this, the longer it takes for the jackpot to be paid out, the more people will play which makes the jackpot grow even faster. This can then lead to the incredible payouts that you have read about here. It should also be noted that there are lots and lots of smaller, but still quite significant, payouts every month from the host of progressive jackpot games at online casinos.